CAD Services

3D Design

- 3D Modelling with respect to cost, manufacturing feasibility, production volume, user-centricity, material choice

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2D Drafting and PMI

- Standardised to BS8888 or ASME Y14.5.
- Creation and auditing of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing for 2D drawings and 3D PMI. 
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FEA Performance Analysis

- Stress analysis of simple and complex systems
- Material failure prediction and design optimisation for improved performance

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A-Surface Design

- Creation and optimisation of Class A visible surfaces
- Visual renders for demonstration and promotional purposes

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3D Design

The fundamentall base of all hardware products is CAD design, it facilitates all stages of development from Concept Feasibility through to Production Release and Mid-Lifecycle Upgrades. From the very start the design should be developed in line with your company's targets for timing, cost, manufacturing volume, usability and an extensive list of key requirements.

We use the industry-leading Siemens NX CAD software to create the designs that you require, with constant feedback and progress updates along the way to allow you to see the product coming into fruition.

PEC can take a varied level of ownership, depending on the customer's preference. We're able to complete small CAD tasks for product updates, through to complete ownership of taking your idea through to a ready-to-sell product. Please discuss your requirements with us so we can tailor the service to match your requirements.

2D Drafting & PMI

If you have existing 3D models, or ready-made designs that require manufacturing drawings, customer drawings, updates or optimisation, we can apply industry-standard GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerancing) to 2D drawings and 3D PMI assemblies. As well as ensureing manufacturability, we will review tolerance stackups and apply feasible interface tolerances for a reliable always-fit assembly.

GD&T is completed to either BS8888 or ASME Y14.5 standard, ensuring that manufacturing and quality control will delivery the performance and reliability you require.


Computerised simulation is an extremely cost-effective way to predict material failure and iteratively improve designs for robustness and longevity. This can be used in parralel to physical testing, or as an alternative method with reduced cost and timing impact.
We use advanced Finite Element Analysis software to detail material stresses and deflections in real-world applications. As such we can provide confidence in your product's performance during customer usage.

A-Surface Design

Almost all consumer products have a visual A-surface that requires optimised continuity to ensure high perceived-quality and a positive user experience. Using NX advances surface modelling we can optimise existing designs, as well as creating completely new surface designs, for a customer-centric and visually pleasing finish.

High Speed Service.....

There are many situations where a timeline becomes critical and deadlines cannot be extended; renderings for crucial presentations, CAD releases to support tooling kickoff, development milestones, and many more. PEC can offer most services as part of an express workload, where we'll utilise additional resources to meet your important deadlines.

This service can be applied mid-delivery or included as part of the timelines agreed during the initial quotation. We will work with you to offer the best quotation to meet your requirements. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.
Patterson Engineering Consultancy

Professional Services

CAD Design

3D Modeling, Complex Mechanisms, All Material and Manufacturing Types, A-surface design

2D GD&T and 3D PMI

Training, Drawing Creation, Review and Optimisation, Auditing, Standardisation to BS8888 and ASME Y14.5

Project Delivery Framework

Bespoke frameworks, milestones and critical delivery stages to meet your development timelines


Training, Creation, Moderation, System and Component-Level Design Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

Priority Service

High-turnaround service for urgent deliverables. Design turnaround in as little as 72hrs

CAD Training

Beginner and Improver Courses in CAD Design using Siemens NX. Tailored to your industry and designs

Bespoke Service

All techncial training can be trailored to your specific products and industry

Location Flexibility

All services available on-site at your premises, partially, or fully remote working

Free Project Scope Review

Ready to discuss your project? Establishing key deliverables and scope of workload for your project targets is an important first step. For a no-obligation discussion, contact us and we can attend on-site or remotely.

Small Projects

✔ Up to one month of workload
✔ Concept Studies
✔ Product Updates
✔ Drawing Releases
✔ DFMEA & Documentation

Medium Projects

✔ One to 6 months of workload
✔ Perfect for scaling volume
✔ Full system design
✔ Design Validation
✔ Process definition and documentation

Large Projects

✔ Large-scale, 6 months to several years scope of workload
✔ Implementation of development framework
✔ Expanded Engineering team